Our company possesses specialization in successfully carrying out the installation of elevators for new and existing buildings at a cost- effective price by maintaining all necessary international safety standards.
We use the advance Technology for a strategic approach to focus on adding value to the field of management.

  • Inbuilt Stabilizer
  • Automatic Low Volt Adjusting Mode ( Up to 330V)
  • Inverter Based ARD With Battery Preventer ( Increase Battery Life Time)
  • Automatic Sleep Mode Timer With Frequency Converter For Power Saving Up To 40%
  • 3 Level Safety circuit Provided to prevent the over travel
  • High Level Accuracy program for Smooth & jerk Free Stopping
  • Fault Information Digital Display Provided to attend the Call Backs Quickly
  • Automatic Cut off Program for High Volt & Low Volt protection
  • Controller & Traction Protecting Preventer
  • Automatic Phase Reverse & forwarder

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Repair & Modernisation

Assure undertakes Repair and Modernisation of all Types and all Makes of elevators. The Modernisation Packages are,

  • Door / Gate replacement – Collapsible gates into Imperforated gates – Conversion of Manual Doors into Automatic Doors.
  • Replacement of Control panel. – Converting Single Call into Down Collective or Selective Collective Control.
  • Push Box Units replacement – Into Digital 7 Segment or LCD display with feather touch buttons.
  • Incorporation of Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (VVVF) – To achieve perfect leveling and jerk free start & stop. Also saves electricity upto 40%.
  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) Addition – This device will bring the elevator to the nearest landing in case of power failure. In case of power door, it will open the door also.
  • Replacement of Cabin Assy. – Wooden cabin into Mild Steel or Stainless Steel cabin.
  • Replacement of Machinery Unit assembly.
  • Replacement of Gate locks with movable contact.
  • Other Value addition such as Floor annunciator, Invertor for Emergency
  • Light and Alarm, Overload warning device, Full height Light curtain, VVVF drive for Door operator, Surface mounted Push button stations etc.,

Assure has well trained specialists to carry out any type of Modernisation works. In any elevator, the structural components such as Guide Brackets, Guide rails, Car sling assy., Counterweight frames, Fillers etc., will not worn out at any point of time. Hence these components need not be replaced in case of refurbishment. We provide cost effective solutions for modernisation of any type and any make of elevators. These solutions will eventually double the life span of elevator.
Assure has carried out many challenging modernisations involving conversion of manual doors into power door, Replacement of Single call control panels into Down collective etc., To name a few, Modernisation of passenger elevator at SHAR, Sriharikotta rocket launching pad in which the doors were replaced from Manual doors into Power doors and relocation & Modernisation of control panels for the elevators at Aura Corporate centre, Chennai.
Our engineers have through knowledge of all the types and makes of elevators and these specialist teams of engineers will always back up regular maintenance whenever required. The elevators modernised by the Company will conform to our World Wide Job Site Safety Standards thus making the elevator safer for usage.

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Assure undertakes regular preventive maintenance of all Types and all Makes of elevators.
Assure has earned solid reputation over years for its effective after sales service through professional Maintenance concepts. The Company has well trained and experienced Engineers who always endeavour to achieve zero break down. The elevators are assigned to Technicians through smart route wise planning, supervised by Team Leaders & Customer Service Executives. This team will effectively take care of routine preventive maintenance and also will attend to call backs within very short span of time. All our Branch offices and service centres are equipped with optimum level of spares required. There are regular training conducted for the Technicians, Team Leaders and Engineers on Safety & skills up-gradation. The centralised monitoring system at HO will analyse history of call backs from each elevator and provide suitable suggestion and corrective measures to our Customers. In addition to regular and surprise maintenance audits, there will be Annual Equipment Survey (AES) for each individual elevator to check Safety and performance standards. All these professional After Sales Services are available to our Customers at the most competitive charges.

The Highlights of our Maintenance are

  • Preventive Maintenance as per standard checklist.
  • Adequate spares maintained at Service centers.
  • Professionally trained Technicians.
  • Back up of well-trained Engineers.
  • Call back monitoring at H.O.
    • Time Ticket system for Technicians.
    • Annual Equipment Survey.(AES)
    • Surprise Audit at site for Safety and proper Maintenance.
    • Safety instructions display at critical points.


Assure Care

The elevator is not temporary goods to be sold & forgotten, but it is a heart of your building and they must function properly, it has to be maintained for a regular period of time. That is why we launched Assure Maintenance Care with some innovative & important safety management tracking systems for your elevators.
Assure Maintenance Care will depute monthly service and provide safety checklist for every month by the end of service, and our innovative system will provide safety certificate for your elevator once a year.
Significant new service will also establish a direct link for our valued customers to provide speedy service with uncompromised quality by expanding our service coverage rapidly across the regions while deploying the most modern, innovative and versatile service in the market.
We offer AMC for all types of elevators at a lesser price when compared to our competitors. We provide very efficient and experienced service engineers to maintain your elevators.